Order Entry


Byrnes Message Bureau (BMB) began its inbound telemarketing service in May 1995. Because the call center business is quite different from the answering service business, it was important for us to be ready able to handle every account with the same quality and dedication with which we serve our telephone answering accounts. The right software system was also very important because without it we would be just another call center. We tried several different systems until we found Telescan Spectrum, created by Telescan Telecommunications. This was a very sophisticated system that met every need of our customer base. As the needs and size of our customer base changed and grew, so did the Telescan Spectrum. The system also allows a networking of centers in case the customer has a need for more stations. This system has allowed BMB to enter into the call center market with full confidence that we can meet your requirements with call center applications. BMB is a member of “TUNe” (Telescan Users Nework), a national organization comprised of call centers using the Telescan Spectrum system. Through this organization we share information, develop relationships, and explore the possibilities of and extend the capabilities of the┬áTelescan Spectrum to provide better service to you.

Order Entry Service and Inbound Telemarketing

Byrnes Message takes orders for a variety of accounts: some with catalog sales, others with questionnaires and surveys. Our capabilities to serve the needs of this market are without limits. Catalog, customer database,and inventory maintenance are easily handled. If needed, we can build your customer database every time we receive a call. Up-sells, cross-sells, even quantity discounts are no problem. Shipping costs can be included in customers’ final charges. Coupon and other types of discounts are also available. Management reports are readily available and are only limited by the amount of information you give us for your database.


Taking reservations is not just for restaurants! It can work for many other types of businesses and organizations as well. We have made reservations for a flying club, a golf cart rental business and even taken course registrations for seminars. Another possibility would be to handle the complete student registration for small colleges. This is where our professional system outperforms many others because we can seamlessly integrate your requirements to get the desired end results. Because of the integration, Byrnes Message can provide caller registration for a seminar with multiple locations as well as giving specific directions to each caller.

Dealer Locations

“To locate the dealer nearest you, just call our 800# and a call specialist will assist you,” the magazine ad says. At Byrnes Message we are happy to relay that information to your customers. However, that’s not all: if directions are needed, our system allows for just one fast keystroke to provide the information. away.

Credit Card Authorization

Every time one of our call specialists enters the credit card number of your customer, the number is automatically checked for validity. In addition to validation, Byrnes Message will obtain authorization for charges and to transfer funds.

Delivery Methods

Orders can be delivered to you via several methods. It could be by email, fax, text, or by Internet access of your account on the BMB message information server.


Byrnes Message has strategic alliances with two fulfillment houses and shares order entry and fulfillment work with each. We will soon add a third house!