byrned-emplyeesAt Byrnes Message Bureau, well-trained telephone secretaries provide clients with accurate, courteous, confidential and dependable telephone answering service. The average TSR has been employed at Byrnes Message for 6 years. The management team at Byrnes Message has over 100 years of combined experience and is available 24 hours a day.

Byrnes Message Office Staff

Laurie Ocskasy (OS-ka-see) is the operations manager. She has been with Byrnes Message Bureau since 1988 starting as a telephone secretary and working her way up to management.

Laurie is also the daytime supervisor, assisted by Lashonda Van Tassell, daytime team leader. The evening supervisor is Suzanne Fischetti, assisted by evening team leader Patricia Koeppen-Bazley. The telephone secretaries answer directly to them. They also handle programming client data and schedules, as well as minor client problems.

Bruce MacKenzie and Dameon Butler are the third shift team. Their main job in the quite frequent slow periods is to make sure all client files (information, signouts etc.) are up to date.

Sabrina Stewart and Dave Byrnes are the bookkeeping staff. They are responsible for keeping Byrnes Message on track and heading in a positive direction financially.

Robert and David operate Byrnes Message with a small business attitude. Every morning and evening we are in the operations room with the rest of the telephone secretaries, taking calls for our clients. This keeps us as close as possible to you, our valued client. Because our name is over the front door, we go to any length to see that you get the best service possible.