VoiceMail is more popular every day. Used properly, you can eliminate telephone tag. For example, whenever I call someone, I try to leave a message detailing questions or problems so that when a return call is made, my caller will have the answers. VoiceMail can call you at home or even page you when a call is received. For a busy office, voice mail can direct calls to the right extension or even transfer to another extension if the first person is not available. VoiceMail can take orders or even help with conducting a survey. Adding fax capabilities to the above services offers your business a cost-effective solution for all aspects of telemessaging.

Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail offers the same benefits as Live Telemessaging, except that all calls are screened through voicemail. All calls at Byrnes Message Bureau, Inc. (BMB) are answered by trained Telephone Service Representatives (TSR), unless otherwise directed by you. Our TSRs are trained to handle all calls professionally and courteously. We will be an extension of and a complement to your staff.

Our secure computer database keeps track of all your information. This allows fast, easy access to your account and enables the TSR to dispatch the appropriate information per your specifications.

Dispatching of incoming calls on a timely basis is probably the most important aspect of the service provided by Byrnes Message. Improperly done, doctors might arrive late for an operating room time… babies might be delivered at home… home water pipes could freeze… and perhaps an important business deal could fall through. Our TSRs recognize the importance of each call and strives to deliver that information to you as quickly as possible and consistent with your instructions.